Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Dubai Stereotypes

If you're new to the blog and have ventured this way because you've been listening to this morning's Catboy & Geordiebird Breakfast Show on Dubai92, you may want to check out a few posts from the Dubai Stereotypes Series. To make it easy for you, here are some links:

Fit MumDesperate DadThe Ladies Night LurkerSmug MummyThe PlayerMid-life MummyBotox BabeAlpha DadSlummy MummyTrophy WifeDiscount DivaBritish MummyFrench Maman

For anyone who missed the interview this morning, especially those of you overseas who've taken the trouble to email to ask how/if you can listen in, we'll be posting a link or trying to embed something far too technical for our limited comprehension (yes, swearing may occur) just as soon as the lovely Cupcake sends it over.

In the meantime, if you're looking to stave off boredom/ continue to skive off work (you know who you are!), mosey on over to the Catboy & Geordiebird Facebook page for a spot of time-wasting heaven.

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Susanna said...

The Ladies Night Lurker is fab.