Saturday, March 05, 2011

Dubai stereotypes: The Discount Diva

I did quite a few posts for my Dubai Stereotypes series last year, which you all seemed to like as I've had a number of requests for more, more, more! So, back by popular demand...

THE DUBAI DISCOUNT DIVA (aka The Voucher Vulture)
A close relation of the global Bargainista movement, The Dubai Discount Diva (aka DDD) is alive and thriving  in the UAE.

Most often found lazily flicking through her dog-eared copy of The Entertainer, the DDD is a shameless cutter-outer of all kinds of coupons. Her handbag is super-sized (Karama, obv) so she can lug about her cross-referenced, colour coded concertina file stuffed with vouchers of all shapes and sizes - she never, ever leaves the house without it.

DDDs social life is dominated by discounts. With mornings spent with like-minded friends who choose their brunch or spa venues according to BOGOF deals, afternoons at play areas or craft shops with voucher-friendly activities, and evenings spent at various ladies night venues across Dubai (The Westin being an especial favorite), drinking free 'bubbly grape' and marveling at the lithe legs of girls/ hookers at least twenty years younger than herself. Now, if only she could find a voucher for Botox...

Most likely to say: "Anyone got a spare Wild Wadi two-for-one? I'll swap you a Dreamland."
Least likely to say: "I'm off for lunch at the Burj Al Arab...hang the expense!"

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Sarah said...

oh no i'm a stereotype! thanks for this, best laugh i've had all day.