Monday, June 20, 2011

The Dubai in London Party: what are you doing on 13th August?

Regular readers may remember that I helped my mates out over at Dubai Reunited with a few branding and PR bits and pieces earlier in the year, especially for their first event, the Royal Wedding Garden Party. Dubai Reunited is now working hard to promote what promises to be Dubai's biggest overseas gathering this August, the Dubai in London Party.

(Yes, this is a shameless plug but I'm going for it anyway.)

What's it all about? Well, for a mere AED 250 per person you'll have the chance to inject a bit of much-needed Dubai heat into the no-doubt dreary British sorry excuse for a summer. Basically, Dubai Reunited is bringing the best of Dubai to London; expect a party heaving with up-for-it expats enjoying shisha, shwarma and other nice Middle-Eastern things, with a packed dance floor thanks to the glorious disc-spinning skills of a gaggle of Radio 2 DJs (Daisy's my personal favorite, btw). Oh yeah, and you'll be fed delicious things as part of the ticket price.

Even better, there's a competition running to win a weekend for two in London, with return Dubai-London flights... plus free tickets to the event - get to it!

In addition to this, rugby fans will be entertained with an afternoon social Rugby 10s tournament reminiscent of 'old' Dubai (or so my long-term expat friends inform me), which will see teams from around the Gulf battling it out against British teams for the Dubai Reunited Rugby Cup. It's all in a good cause too since it's raising funds for the very worthy Christina Noble Children's Foundation (CNCF).

In fact, Dubai Reunited is still calling for amateur and semi-pro players to help make up some of the teams. So if you can tell the difference between a Gary Owen and a Grubber and you fancy getting muddy for charity, drop an email to:

Facebook fans, you know what to do.

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