Saturday, April 30, 2011

The Royal Wedding

We had a great time at Dubai Reunited's Royal Wedding Garden Party at the Dubai Polo Club yesterday. Really good food, lovely setting and, of course, the live screening of the wedding itself. We also managed to fit in a few chukkas and a bit of a boogie in the evening. All in all, a great excuse for an excellent party.

As regular readers will know, I've been helping out my friends at Dubai Reunited to launch the brand, as well as providing a bit of advice for their marketing and communications, and yesterday's celebration was a fitting end to my involvement. Yep, I am now work-free for a couple of months. I'm not planning on becoming a layabout though (although a bit of lounging by the pool would be lovely) - I'm looking forward to spending more time with the kids in between trying to make a proper go of this writing thing on and off-blog. I'm also hoping to be able to fit in some painting and photography, both of which have been sadly neglected over the past few months.

I'll miss the Dubai Reunited team though. It's been a really enjoyable project, they've been great to hang out with and I'm proud of what we managed to achieve in a relatively short space of time. Thanks guys!

Anne and Carla from Dubai Reunited plus me (on the right)


Plastic paddy said...

Looking good ladies! Love your dress Kate. X

Kate S. said...

Thanks Plastic! I wish I could say it was a fancy designer number but I'm far too Scummy for that! It was a great day. x

Springs chicken said...

you looked lovely as always- great day out!

Plastic Paddy said...

Well if high street's good enough for Kate.......!

Kate S. said...

Thanks Springs, you looked pretty foxy too!

PP, high street is good enough for anyone. Designer? Bah!

Anonymous said...
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