Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Babysitter Malfunction

This is my favorite excuse I use when I'm at home sneaking in an interview -- and the rabbit comes barging into my "office" (Bedroom) screaming that she's hungry, or needs to go "pee-pee" or whatever else a 3-year-old's needs might be at that particular nanosecond.

Usually when I have to do a work call while I'm home sans babysitter I tell the rabbit in advance. I explain in my calm, slow, please-understand-me-this-time voice that "mommy needs to go make a work phone call and I'll just be a 10 minutes ("No! Five!") okay five, and when I get out we can go down to the park for 20 minutes ("No! Five!") Well, actually sweetie, five is less than 20 but that's fine, but I need you to let mommy make her call. Okay?" ("No.") "Okay honey. So let's put on a few minutes of "Max and Ruby" and I'll be right out."

And if I am very lucky I can actually eek out a 20-minute interview and feel wildly thrilled with myself. Often within two minutes the rabbit has decided I have ignored her enough and that's that. Although, I have to admit she has grown more willing to let me have some work time -- okay, 20 minutes maybe a day. But still, being able to have some flexability is golden.

Strangely, I find that men are much more understanding of my explaining that today I am home because of a "babysitter malfunction." While women often meet my excuse with cold silence. Like today. With a source I desperately needed. With the rabbit wailing like I had thrown out her stuffed dog.

Happy Monday!


Bec of the Ladies Lounge said...

I kind of despise myself for teaching my younger two the "whisper game" - ie, when mummy is on the phone working from home, we play whispers.

Frequently malfunctions.

Still despise myself.

Yes, I also find the women less understanding than the men.

Manhattan Mama said...

I know what you mean -- can't say I love having to leave the rabbit in the livingroom to do a work call -- but sometimes what else are we to do? And what is it about women and men? Got to look that up in my secret mama handbook.....