Wednesday, December 28, 2011

The Dubai Review: Mahiki Dubai

An outpost of the legendary London nightclub Mahiki opened in Dubai last week. I was meant to show up to the opening but, for one reason or another, I failed to make it. I was also invited to go the next night but, again, I didn't quite manage it. Rubbish, eh?

Last night, finally, I actually made it through the door of Mahiki Dubai accompanied by a selection of fine girlfriends for the new 'Pin Up Tuesday' night. And I was really, really glad that I made the effort.

Quite simply, Mahiki Dubai is sheer, unadulterated FUN. Here's the recipe:

- Take one part amusing decor, lots of seating space and a proper dance floor, all in the very convenient location of Jumeirah Beach Hotel
- Stir in an eclectic mix of highly danceable tunes from 1950's to present day (I swear the DJs even played the New Zealand Haka at one point)
- Shake it all up with a super-friendly up-for-it unpretentious mixed crowd
- Add a large troupe of affable and efficient barmen and two separate bars; what's not to love about not having to wait ages to be served?
- Mix in a bit of spice in the form of Mahiki's gorgeous girl dancers; especially entertaining when they accompany every order of the famous 'Treasure Chest' cocktail (a favorite of the younger UK Royals, or so rumour has it)
- Top it all off with a huge cocktail menu, includes 'driver's drinks' for those who choose not to over-indulge
- Garnish with a very generous offer of free cocktails for ladies... every Tuesday evening until midnight

The result is Dubai's newest and most essential nightlife hot-spot. Personally, I have a feeling I'm going to become a regular.

Check it out.


Circles in the Sand said...

Sounds a great place, I will definitely go, and I'm really glad you had some well-deserved fun!

Jacob Walsh said...
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kendrick said...

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