Thursday, November 10, 2011

Why being 38 kind of sucks

- It sounds really grown-up which, frankly, is a little inhibiting
- It's possible that I'm now too old to wear a mini skirt
- Listening to house music at this age is a little sad, regardless of the fact that I am a fully paid-up member of the original dance-yer-ass-off generation
- Dancing until the small hours in sweaty clubs is still lots of fun but I'm now surrounded by people who are almost young enough for me to have given birth to (if I'd been a teenage mother). My work life also suddenly seems to be populated by people who have no experience of a world without SMS and the Internet. How did this happen?
- As soon as these people under the age of twenty-five learn how old I am they stop acting normally, tone down any colourful language and start saying things to try to make me feel better, like: "Really? I wouldn't have guessed you're that old!" Er, thanks a lot, pipsqueaks
- I'm probably more than halfway through my life and I still don't have the answers

Sucks, huh?


Anonymous said...

1. You are not too old to wear a mini skirt - just look in the mirror before you go out...

2. Listen to any music you want...

3. Dance away - if you have the energy...

4. You can use the internet and SMS - so stop looking for compliments...

5. Don't tell ANYBODY, especially pipsqueaks under 25, your real age. Who wants to be patronised at any age? Or are you just looking for compliments again (see 4).

6. There are no answers. Just experiences.

Good Luck!

Anonymous said...

you are a cool woman who is obviously insecure about yourself. Learn to love the skin your in, cause its the only one youll ever get.