Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Savage Beauty

The Met has a remarkable show of designer Alexander McQueen's most famous (and infamous) work.

I had 30 minutes to sneak through last week -- mesmerized by the pieces as much as the videos and installation that accompany the exhibits. A top made of balsa wood that rendered the wearer into a modern angel. (At least on the outside). A dress of shells that nevertheless appeared to flow. Antlers which sprouted from shoulders. Headpieces Cleopatra would have favored. Dark fantasies to be worn. Well worth a trek uptown. (Not a usual practice for this downtown gal.)

I shot off a few images from my cell phone which besides being blurry, don't do the clothing -- or the show honestly -- justice at all. The show is up through August 7th. Go.


chicken coops said...

looks a little spooky!

Manhattan Mama said...

Yes Coops, a bit. But such fun to look in sometimes!

Kate S. said...

me likey