Sunday, July 10, 2011

Quotes of the week

  • "I'm hungry!" "Sweetheart, it's only half past eleven, just wait half an hour and we'll have lunch." "It doesn't matter what time it is, for me its half past hungry!"
  • "What's it like for animals after they get married?"
  • "You're the best and wonderfulest and most beautiful mummy in the world, even with those crinkly bits on your face."
  • "Mummy, let me explain something to you. I don't want to go to Kidzania because it's for kids and I'm seven years old, which is much, much bigger than a kid."
  • "I really don't understand how Baby Belly can walk because her feet are so tiny and the rest of her is so so fat."
  • "Is infinity an odd or an even number?"


Girly said...

Fantastic, I am loving the half past hungry one :-)

Kate S. said...

Yeah, I like that one too - the snappy comebacks of a nine-year-old... wow! :-)