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personal meme

Once upon a time, in the Land of Long Ago when the Internet was perched on its early frontiers and blogging was something a bit weird that regular folks didn't really see the point of, the hard-core blogging crowd had a passion for the meme. These things circulated at a rate of knots, in numerous formats and on all kinds of themes, often going global.

My favorite was the personal meme. I haven't seen one for a while so I thought I'd start one myself in a (possibly futile) attempt to revive a trend. Indulge me, this one is basically a 'get to know you' questions mechanism for bloggers... And I always was horribly nosy.
  1. I live in: Dubai, United Arab Emirates
  2. I was born in: Manchester, United Kingdom
  3. If I could live anywhere, it would be: In a glass and concrete open-plan space perched on the cliffs overlooking the ocean, ideally situated just outside the beautiful Half Moon Bay in California, U.S.A (but if we're talking ideal world scenario then I'd also like a city apartment so I could easily grab an urban fix as and when required)
  4. My favorite escape:  Al Sufoh beach in Dubai, early in the morning when the beach is empty so I can properly concentrate on the sound of the surf, the reflections on the water and the warmth of the sun on my shoulders. This is where I go to think, relax and be silent. 
  5. 5 things to do before I die: Ensure my children grow up to be independent, intelligent and focused adults with a large capacity for happiness, empathy and self-awareness; have a book published; explore South America; take part in the Mongol Rally; go scuba diving 
  6. I most regret: not having the chance to say goodbye to my grandmother before she died and to have told her how much I loved her
  7. Most random experience: accidentally taking part in an iPod-dance Flash Mob in London's Tate Modern (yes, of course I joined in - it was brilliant... if somewhat peculiar)
  8. Last iTunes download: Van Morrison's Astral Weeks
  9. 5 most played iPod tracks: Belle & Sebastien (Featuring Norah Jones) - Little Lou, Prophet Jack, Ugly John; Arctic Monkeys - I Bet You Look Good On The Dancefloor; Alex Gopher - Super Disco; Fiona Apple - I Know; Throwing Muses - Red Shoes
  10. 5 things that annoy me about myself: having a terrible sense of direction, using flippancy as a defence mechanism, not being able to handle conflict, absent-mindedness, tendency to make highly inappropriate jokes when nervous and/or bored  
  11. 5 least desirable qualities in other people: malice, lack of empathy, self-obsession, not having a sense of humour, excessive anger 
  12. Personal qualities I value the most: honesty, kindness, humour and integrity
  13. Dream dinner party guest list (dead or alive): Douglas Coupland, Pedro Almodovar, Fay Weldon, George Orwell, Frida Kahlo, Gael Garcia Bernal, Dolly Parton, Zach Braff, Rosa Parks, Isabella of Castile  
I tag: Expat Mammy, Louise, Ruby Slippers, MM, Daddy Papersurfer, Szue, Sarah, Spring Girl. Any other bloggers, feel free to grab and pass on.


Oh dear, how very kind of you, but I've always avoided doing memes.

I thoroughly approve of the personal qualities list and I'm extremely jealous of the iPod-dance flash mob experience ... I so love to 'uncle' dance ... *sigh*
Springschicken! said…
i agree with bad sense of direction :O
Kate S. said…
Daddy P - spoilsport.

Springs - I am SO sorry about Wed night, but at least you now know parts of Dubai that were previously a mystery to you! :-/
Ruby Slippers said…
oooo gosh I'm not even sure I know the answers to half of these (although clearly I do know where I live) - it that bad? Will have to get back to you...
Ruby Slippers said…
ps. I am too young to remember this time you speak of. Either that or stupid. Am I supposed to reply here or on my own blog?!
Kate S. said…
Ruby - check your email, I've responded offblog. Btw, it's a resounding YES to the evening blogger social, probably the last Tuesday of each month. Will be in touch in late August to fix dates.
Suse said…
Thanks for htis mothers. It got me thinking about what I would answer for the five things before I die too. Good question.
Anonymous said…
Interesting dinner party list. Trying to imagine what Rosa Parks would say to Dolly Parton!
expatmammy said…
I'm on it chicca, will post my answers tomorrow on the blog, awesome, it's funny (not haha funny)but I have the same regret as you.x

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