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Personal Meme - Manhattan Mama

  1. I live in: a 1960s concrete box in the lower east side of New York City.
  2. I was born in: St. Louis, Mo.
  3. If I could live anywhere, it would be: In a home tucked along the cliff of Big Sur, where I could bike each morning to the Big Sur Bakery for coffee, hike to Pfeiffer Beach to write, swim and paint, then grab a glass of Syrah and a steak outside at Nepenthe with The Prince and The Kid. Yes every single day.
  4. My favorite escape:  See above. But in New York it's the 42nd Street Library's Rose Reading Room in winter weather, and Bryant Park in Spring. At night? The Pearl Lounge at Beauty & Essex, tucked into a banquette, Emerald Gimlet in hand.
  5. 5 things to do before I die: write (and publish) several books, wear a couture gown to a formal event, learn to surf, watch my daughter grow up happy, sentient and fulfilled, and see the Palio.
  6. I most regret: some things I can't mention here. 
  7. Most random experience: Meeting Milton Berle and having him ask me if I would light his cigar.
  8. Last iTunes download: Taio Cruz -- Dynamite
  9. 5 most played iPod tracks: Cee Lo Green -- F**k You, Frank Black & The Catholics -- Do You Feel Bad About It, Katy Perry -- Firework, The Decemberists -- The Crane Wife 3, Mark Knopfler & Alan Clarke -- Wild Theme
  10. 5 things that annoy me about myself: my tendency to curse (every day), my tin ear for music (see above), my pessimism, my distaste of exercise, and overall distrust.
  11. 5 least desirable qualities in other people: rudeness, insensitivity, selfishness, having a lack of humor, and being myopic.
  12. Personal qualities I value the most: loyalty, a dry wit, kindness, generosity, honesty.
  13. Dream dinner party guest list (dead or alive): Lucille Ball, Mark Twain, Thierry Henry, Madeline Albright, Clay Felker, Ann Richards, my great aunt Gert, Cher, Pauline Kael, Walker Evans, Jimi Hendrix, Stan Lee and Cleopatra.


Kate S. said…
Lauren - Beauty & Essex esp looks fantastic... order me up a Tuna Sashimi and a Ruby Mojito and I'll be over on the next flight. Schedule the dinner party for when I'm in NYC ok? Sounds like it'd be a blast.

Right, gonna go check out your music now... :-)
Manhattan Mama said…
Love Beauty & Essex...champagne bar in the loo..yes, really.
Kate S. said…
I'm there, babes, save me a pew.

I'll try to IM you later via Google, we gotta talk about your music!! :-)

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