Friday, July 22, 2011

London Calling

Off to London today for a reunion with old friends, a wedding and a visit to my dear ex-Dubai BF The Harpenden Housewife, not to mention a spot of shopping (sorry, but Dubai simply isn't a patch on London for small boutiques packed with delicious things).

I'm looking forward to having a beer or two at my old haunt The Builder's Arms, having dinner at one of my favorite Italian restaurants (nothing fancy but quirky decor and consistently amazing food), lunch with an old GF at the fabulous Spanish tapas joint Dehesa, and of course an indulgent trawl around some great Notting Hill boutiques.

Then I'm headed for North Wales on what is essentially a research trip. I've been trying to pull together a story aimed at young adults over the past six months and, finally, it's just starting to come together. Some essential holes in the plot have been filled following a lot of thinking and a bit of what might possibly be divine inspiration. The final step before I can focus on writing more than the synopsis, a notebook full of scrawled ideas, character studies and sketched out dialogue, plus the paltry first three chapters (all I've managed to get down in type so far), is to research the location. Since hours of internet-based research just isn't hitting the spot, I'm off for a tramp around the Welsh wilderness next week.

So think of me, brolly in one hand and notebook in the other, shivering my ar*e off in pursuit of a dream.

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Anonymous said...

I love it when I get a mention. Harpenden (aka The Middle Class Enclave) awaits you. There'll even be a Farmers Market along the high street and it doesn't get much more Hugh Fearnley Whittingstall than that ! The Harpenden Housewife x