Monday, July 04, 2011

In celebration of fabulous female friends

My girlfriends have always been very important to me, way back as far as I can remember. I count myself very fortunate to have met a number of great women who have become good friends over the years.

Some live over the seas and far away, some live moments from my front door. Regardless of how often we see each other in person, email or speak on the phone, all these friendships are nurturing, warm, full of laughter and to be relied upon when times are hard.

My friends are all very different (it seems that when it comes to women, I don't have a 'type'): some are the life and soul of the party while others are more shy and reflective; some have kids and some don't (indeed, some don't want any, ever, but that may be due to long-term over-exposure to my motley crew); some are hard-core career girls while others are happy to be stay-at-home mums; some have a dry wit while others fall over at the slightest scent of slapstick.

What they do all have in common, however, are the following traits:
  • Intelligence: they may not be Oxford grads with a string of letters after their names but they do all have highly-developed emotional intelligence and life smarts.
  • A good heart: to a woman, they are all kind, loving and will readily offer a shoulder to be made soggy when the chips are down.
  • A sense of humour: because a life without laughter isn't much of a life at all.
  • Style: whether they shop at Primark or Prada, they all have a unique and individual sense of style that suits their personalities, from those who squeeze themselves into bodycon and skyscraper heels to some who'd have to be surgically removed from their jeans. Whatever they wear, they all look great.
  • The ability to listen as well as talk: rarer than you may think.
  • Strength: these are women who could take on the world if they had to. Some have faced the sort of life traumas that would fell the strongest man, and without much more than a grumble.
Thank you, GFs, for enriching my life over the years, for many great fun-filled moments and the supply of tissues and empathy from time to time. You know who you are. :-)


Springs chicken said...

Proud to be one of these, tho not sure about the style!!!

Kate S. said...

Sure thing Springs, you got it! And all the rest, hon. How is Switz? :-)