Friday, July 15, 2011

From Geneva

Marvellous, an Internet connection...

Following a reasonably uneventful journey - or as uneventful as travelling with three children can be, especially when one of them is a one-year-old determined to find excitement at every available opportunity (forget Snakes On A Plane and think Walking Baby On A Plane - can you see it? Uh-huh) - we are now in Geneva.

I like Geneva. Apart from having fond memories of the place due to having lived here for close to three years as a small thing and numerous visits since, it is a very nice place indeed. I can't say I'd ever want to actually live here again - it's a touch too sanitised for my taste - but the combination of Lac Leman and the mountains looming beyond is a pleasing one. In terms of sheer Euro beauty, it delivers on many counts.

We're here for the night, staying with a friend, then off via road to France tomorrow. Thank God I remembered to pack the Nintendo DS consoles which hopefully will encourage the older girls to enter into a coma-like gamer zone for the entire journey. Let's hope I also remembered to pack my much-maligned map-reading skills and lots of patience too...

A bientot!  

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Bon voyage x