Monday, July 25, 2011

For Me

Everyday for lunch I make the same sandwich — turkey on toasted oatmeal bread, with cucumber and green pepper. It's a crunchy ritual I look forward to everyday not just because I love my lunch but because I make it for me.

I never really got that idea of doing something for yourself everyday until I got sick this year. I'm very used to doing things for the Kid and the Prince but putting me first? Nope. Until this spring. I had to make time between work and home life for physical therapy, rest, exercise. And yes, even making something for my lunch.

And it wasn't until I started the lunch routine that I realized how stupid I'd been. Not putting myself first (at least once a day!) meant I expected someone else would do that for me. I spit out a lot of memes on self reliance to my friends. But I forgot to shove the advice down my own throat.

No longer. It's 11:30am here in NYC and I'm about to munch my lunch. So. What are you making for yourself today?

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