Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Yes, there are two of us...

I've had a number of people come up to me in the last few days, looking all concerned and peering at my face. "Oh Kate," they've said, "we didn't realise that you've had such a hard time of it recently. You're so brave!" Then they'd eye me curiously and say, "But honestly, your face looks fine! I'd never have guessed you had shingles if I hadn't read the blog!"

Er... that would be because I didn't and I haven't and I hope to God I never do. 

Listen up people. There are two of us on this blog. Me - Kate S. - based in Dubai, and Lauren B., my long-time friend and co-blogger, based in New York. It's just that Lauren hasn't been blogging a huge amount in the past year because she's been trying to cope with her world being turned upside down in more ways than anyone should rightfully have to cope with. But she has coped, with style and humour and more fortitude than I could probably ever dredge up, and for this (and many other things, trust me - she's a great woman, I have excellent taste in friends) I admire her enormously. 

Lauren and I met in London approximately 10 years ago. We hit it off instantly and we've been BGFs ever since, despite Lauren and her husband having to go back to New York in the mid 2000s and us not having seen each other in person for an embarrassing number of years. We started this blog back in 2005, partly because we were both curious about the then-emerging blogging trend but mainly because we thought it would be a bit of a laugh. Oh yeah, we also both hated the numerous holier-than-thou 'Mommy blogs' springing up which elevated gushing and boasting about one's offspring to an art form; we wanted to do something different and we wanted to keep it real (plus it's so much cheaper than therapy). 

We've had times in our lives when stuff got in the way and the blog was sadly neglected but somehow we've managed to rack up almost 50,000 hits over the years and some of our followers have been with us from the beginning. We love writing for Mothers on the Verge and we hope you love reading it too (or at the very least, find it vaguely amusing - what more could we ask for?).

Welcome back, Lauren. I've missed you. 


Daddy Papersurfer said...

Honestly, people really should keep up ... tsk.
Anyhoo *looks around to make sure there ain't any uber Mommys watching* I agree with the "holier-than-thou" statement ... [hides under sofa just incase]

Plastic Paddy said...

Doesn't anyone read the instructions at the top! Doh!

Manhattan Mama said...

No hiding under the sofa Papersurfer! ;) And you know no one ever reads the instructions Paddy....those are like the Brussels Sprouts of dinner.