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A long weekend

I'm a little weary after what has felt like a very long weekend. Highlights:

  • Firstborn went off to Wild Wadi followed by a sleepover on Thursday night, returning the next day with what can only be described as a nasty kiddy hangover. Had a glimpse into the teenage future and it's pretty damn scary. Starting to think I may have to reconsider my strong views on boarding school if I want to retain any semblance of sanity.
  • The Small(er) One and I were invited to another kiddy party at Atlantis Aquaventure on Friday morning. Can I just say that the whole event has now spoiled me for water park excursions for the rest of forever? Basically, if I don't get a private roped off area with reserved sun loungers, a majlis, multiple Fatboy hammock and beanbags plus a troupe of young males eager to obey my every whim then I'm simply not interested. It was fabulously Dubai. 
  • Mad young unidentified male in crappy car somehow managed to smash into the tree outside our house before speeding off; a horticultural hit and run. Alpha Male is in deep mourning as it turns out he's been lovingly watering the unfortunate sapling and feeding it whatever it is one feeds trees (as you can probably tell, Alpha is much more into gardening than I am - I gave up any hope of having green fingers after an unfortunate incident with a cactus ten years ago). I tell you, it's just one excitement after the next out here in the 'burbs.
  • Friday night was my good friend Mrs G's 40th birthday party on Bateaux Dubai. Clever Mrs G organised a coach to pick us all up so we headed over to Dubai Creek in total fear of our lives (the driver having an interesting approach to road safety) but since she'd had the foresight to pack a coolie bin full of refreshing bubbly stuff we kind of stopped caring after the third near-collision. Bateaux Dubai is basically a dinner cruise, which sounds appalling but don't let the negative connotations put you off; it's actually pretty good food once you've managed to decipher the rather grand-sounding menu (a few two many 'Trilogies of' for my taste) and when you're in entertaining company it's guaranteed fun, plus the view of the Creek at night is lovely. Note of caution though: don't wear four-inch heels on board a boat unless you are a professional stilt walker and/or have no shame. 
  • Today: yet another birthday party, this time at Kidzania. Having had very little sleep last night (Alpha bagged the lie-in, damn it) and a touch of a headache, I just couldn't face the prospect of spending hours in the artificial mini-Hell that is Kidzania so, after dropping off a thoroughly over-excited Small(er) One, Baby Belly and I sneaked off for a few hours of retail therapy followed by a long restorative lunch. That child is amazing - totally happy to recline in her pushchair and lap up all the attention given to her by adoring shop assistants while her mother gives the credit card a workout. Happy days.
But now, I am simply knackered; guess that's what approaching middle-age does to a girl - first gravity attacks, then you suffer a severe stamina downturn. Life can be too cruel. 


Anonymous said…
Oh My, you are on form with this entry! I enjoyed every syllable from suburban start to yummy-mummy finish. Thank you for making me smile today.
Suse said…
I love Bateuax Dubai! Great post.
Kate S. said…
Thanks Anon for your kind words. Always happy when I manage to make people smile. A dedicated people pleaser, that's me. :-)

And thank you too Suse.
Anonymous said…
Kidzania is no an "artificial hell". It's the real deal. As John Paul Satre once said: "hell is other people's children at Kidzania".
Anonymous said…
Did your Firstborn have a real hangover? How old is Firstborn? No more sleepovers I should think! Check out the parents! Were they even home?
Manhattan Mama said…
Seriously? Troupe of young males eager to obey? We need those in New York. Or -- can I ship some of ours and get some of yours?
Kate S. said…
Mama, the only solution is to get your ass over here!

Anon- no, NOT a real hangover. Firstborn is about to turn 9 years old. I may be a little slummy but come on...!
Anonymous said…
Great cheering read. Oh how I miss Dubai!

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