Sunday, June 26, 2011

Annabel Macrae

As I've said before on this blog, I'm never entirely comfortable with being photographed. Family snaps often show me squinting at the crucial shutter click moment, gurning or looking plain annoyed. It's not great. So when my friend Annabel Macrae offered to do a shoot for me with Baby Belly - having promised that she would make me feel comfortable throughout the session and produce fabulous results - I jumped at the chance.

We went down to my favorite beach very early one morning to make the most of the natural light. I didn't think BB and I would have such a great time - although BBs compulsive sand and seawater consumption was of slight concern - fooling around, chasing each other up and down the beach and splashing in the sea whilst Annabel told us to sit this way or that, look in a certain direction, smile... it felt entirely natural. It also helped that Annabel is a lot of fun to be around and has a very easy way about her which relaxes you instantly (even BB, who is currently exhibiting a touch of 'stranger danger' and clings to me like a limpet when in the company of people she doesn't know very well).

So I expected some nice shots. What I didn't expect were the 93 excellent images we ended up with. Here's a selection:

Annabel has kindly offered Mothers on the Verge readers a discount on her usual fee. For more information, go to her website, find her on Facebook or send an email to:


The Body Family said...

Beautiful photos Kate, thanks for sharing

ex-meadows mummy said...

Amazing photos - Kate you and Belly look fantastic. Annabel, you are a brilliantly photographer (and great friend!) - we must get a date in the diary for you to do your magic on my three boys!

Kate S. said...

Def get Annabel to do some shots for you. The results are well worth it. And of course she's a very nice person to spend a couple of hours with, whether she's on the other end of the camera lens or with a glass of something in her hand!