Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The Dubai Review: Oeno at the Westin

Here's a night for anyone who likes to get their glam on and isn't too bothered about the lines of ladies night lurkers there just to check out the chicks.

Oh yes, Oneo at the Westin is a meat market for sure - single ladies, be aware that while the quality of the girls is of the fillet mignon variety, the male lurkers are more Big Mac than where it's at (note to the man wearing tight white jeans with white patent pointy loafers - wtf??!), so the single girls accompanying the Mommy Posse last night were a little disappointed with the lack of manly eye candy on display...

Although I felt somewhat overdressed due to the fact that my skirt was long enough to cover my pants (knee-length, if you must know), unlike many of the laydees hanging out last night, Oneo offers up a seriously lively night with three free drinks for girls between 6-9pm and danceable tunes. It's not somewhere you'd want to go for serious conversation, it's way too noisy and packed for that, but considering it's one of the few bars where you can still smoke indoors, who cares?

Every Tuesday at the Westin, 6 til late.


mrspp said...

Add in a transparent spiral staircase and short floaty skirts = strained necks and no guessing. Pure people watching heaven.

Kate S. said...

yes, a clever design feature! Was fun watching the gangs of men carefully positioned under the stairwell.

Not really the place for you if you like to go... ahem... al fresco. Fab for exhibitionists though.