Saturday, April 23, 2011

yay for me

Feeling quite smug and pleased with myself today - not in a Smug Mummy way though, more of a Slummy-Mummy-defies-the-odds-and-somehow-pulls-off-an-organisational-triumph sort of way.

So far this morning I've managed to buy a dress for the forthcoming school May Ball, get cushions for the outdoor furniture, book a driver to pick up my friend and her family who are arriving in Dubai on Monday morning, get everything required for the Small(er) One's birthday party on Monday, food shop for the week, plan my trip to the US in early May and change three nappies.

Now all I have to do is nag the kids to finish their homework, stuff the birthday pinata with thousands of e-number-packed sweets, wrap the pass-the-parcel, draw a donkey with detachable tail (also for Monday's celebration, obviously), play with Baby Belly, take Firstborn to horse riding, hide Easter eggs around the house, make dinner, bathe children and sort out all the paperwork that I've been ignoring for weeks.

Weekends... so relaxing. What time wine O'clock?

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