Sunday, March 14, 2010

The marvellousness of Motherhood

Happy Mother's Day, fellow matriarchs. Although personally, it's highly likely I'd have forgotten if the the kids hadn't woken me up with excited demands for large amounts of moolah.

"Whaddyaneedmoneyfor?" I mumbled, trying to pull the pillows over my head to escape the cruel daylight seeping through the curtain gaps (mental note: must buy blackout lining).
"For the Mother's Day sale at school of course!" they shrieked, leaping up and down on the bed and, accidentally I'm sure, squishing my left ankle.

So I eagerly await hometime in anticipation of a being presented with a bar of squished soap and/or lavender scented talcum powder, together with beaming smiles and squirming pride. I will, of course, flatter them to kingdom come about their excellent taste, their general wonderfulness and my soaring happiness as a result of said wonderfulness. Although it won't be much of an effort, I must say - those girls could present me with a piece of poo in a matchbox and I'd still be delighted. Such is the joy of motherhood.

Have a good day, y'all.

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Anonymous said...

Feel the love, YLM. One day, they might forget and your foolish heart will be broken!