Monday, March 01, 2010

dontcha just love it?

Pity party is officially over, hurrah, but been a bit busy with visitors etc, not to mention the looming excitement of the school Spring Fayre.

This annual extravaganza has had all the resident schoolie alpha mums in a right old twitter (the old fashioned kind, not the Ashton-n-Demi kind) and there's been a fair few cases of flying feathers due to PTA heavy-handedness. Some of those mothers must have been CEOs or dictators in their previous lives - lethal scary ballbreaking behaviour has been witnessed at Dubai Dreams Primary in the past few weeks and there are physical and mental scars to show for it. (Not mine, I hasten to add).

There's a lot to be said for being Up The Duff in terms of skiving off from one's existing maternal duties (always searching out a silver lining, that's me oh yes siree). I've offered a bit of bunting and half an hour each on the Year 1 Hoopla and the Year 3 Decorate A Cookie stands, said offers being delivered with a bit of back rubbing, pushing out of the rotund tum and some timely winceing. That's me done, I reckon, with extra brownie points for offering rather than waiting for the press gang (such is the pressure being exerted by the PTA on the poor beleagured class reps this is the only logical next step - like I said, feathers are a-flying).

Oh the joys.

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