Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Well, am I or not?

Finally went to the doc this morning. Feeling much better but cough is still present and in danger of waking up the neighbours at night, such is its volume, so thought I had better submit to some kind of meds so I can be free of it. A pesky thing, carrying a cough around with you 24/7. Plus people look at you in a strange way (no manners, some folks) which makes me come over all leper-like.

So off I trotted to the clinic. Doc did the usual prodding and waving around of stethescope then announced that I needed to be tested for H1N1. But, I spluttered, I don't have a temperature and I'm almost better, it's just the pesky cough I need you to sort out. No, he pronounced, you have all the symptoms of H1N1 and a temperature is not always present. Oh, I said, deflated, then meekly allowed myself to be taken off for blood extraction and the rather over-vigorous (in my opinion) probing of my left nostril with a q-tip.

This was three hours ago and I still haven't been told if I am swine-ridden or not. The clinic number is constantly engaged all of a sudden and I'm feeling even crosser than I usually do (Alpha will tell you this is no mean feat).

The cynic in me says that it's a bit of a cash-cow (or should that be cash-pig? ha ha), this H1N1 testing thing, since docs can now be justified in charging anyone with a sniffle a whopping AED350 to have their nostrils violated and their arms used as a pin-cushion. Still, I'm pretty keen to know for sure...especially as the Small(er) One is asthmatic. Call, you b*ggers, call!


sweetpeabart said...

Oh! Good luck and keep us posted on the results. Feel better soon!

Jane said...

Get better soon! Really hope you don't have H1N1. My neighbour had it and was really sick.