Friday, November 13, 2009

The strange confusion of the Dubai Hangover

It is an odd thing, being hungover in Dubai. I would, in fact, go as far to say that it is strangely unlike any hangover I have ever had in any other part of the world. For some reason, the tiniest drop of booze consumed here has a more drastic effect than one would reasonably expect the next day.

Conspiracy theorists may venture that some radical group is adding anti-freeze to the al-kool sold here in an attempt to punish the heathen ex-pats for their wild and lairy ways. Although legend has it that the Australians have been doing this to their grown-up grape juice for years (albeit for less moral reasons, perhaps) and it hasn't exactly harmed their consumption (or sales), has it?

Another theory would be that because Dubai has such a hot climate the effects of dehydration are much worse than in more temperate climes. This would make a lot of sense except for the fact that I am very careful to drink as much water as my skin will hold (plus an extra large glass before bed for luck) and still  invariably wake up with an evil rager the next day.

A quick poll amongst friends reveals that the Dubai Hangover is not a solo experience, with 8/10 reporting similar symptoms to me. So it can't be just that I'm a total lightweight who can no longer hold my ale due to increasing age and general feebleness. Can it?

It's a mystery. The only solution is a large stock of Alka Seltzer and/or sobriety.

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