Sunday, August 02, 2009

True love flies

Had a joyful reunion in Paris yesterday with Alpha, who has been in Dubai for almost three weeks while we've been larding it up in France with the M-in-Law. Alpha came in on a late flight, too late to catch the train out to our French backwater so we decided to spend the night in Gay Paree - the closest we're going to get to a dirty weekend, after all, so the opportunity was there to be seized.

I now believe that the secret of a happy relationship is spending great swathes of time apart. Obviously Alpha is a fine specimen of a husband but he has been known to verge on the cantankerous and exhibit all sorts of grumpy-old-man traits. At times he can be quite difficult and has to be sent away to the golf course to calm down. He has also been known to throw quite impressive tantrums if I spend too long at the shops or rack up large sums on the credit card. It can be quite trying, as I'm sure you can imagine.

It's all changed. Three weeks is obviously just the right amount of time for Alpha to realise how truly marvellous I am and what a fortunate little puppy he is in having me as a wife. It's been a mega-love-in since he spotted me in the little square near our Paris hotel, gulping a large glass of red wine and shamelessly people-watching.

Not only did Alpha bring me a formidable supply of Marlboro Lights from Dubai (am quite surprised that the atrociously high cig prices in France haven't triggered a revolt since smoking appears to be second only in popularity to talking about sex), he also indulged me for a full hour in numerous shoe shops, not complaining even once, and allowed me to purchase foot-candy to my heart's content. Bliss it was, utter bliss.

Absence definately makes the heart grow fonder. Maybe the secret to long-term love is having a long-distance marriage? I'll let you know.


Anonymous said...

Must be true love after all. And he buys you shoes! He's a treasure!

YLM said...

Or secretly gay.

Time will tell. :-)