Friday, August 07, 2009

Fresh Air

I took The Rabbit and headed out to California for some fresh air this summer. Just a couple of weeks in Los Angeles (and yes, I can hear your all snickering that Los Angeles is hardly the bastion for fresh air. Save it.)

For a Californian trapped in New York, anything on the West screams fresh to me. And after nearly a year sitting in my particular concrete jungle, I am often ready willing and gnaw at something to get off the island.

That's one reason I think the Fresh Air Fund is pretty cool. Yes, I'm about to hawk about the group. But I think it's a worthwhile organization -- and I love that they basically get kids out of the city and give them that space and time to sit under a tree and stare off at clouds, without a police copter hanging over their building until 3 am. (That's another post for another day..)

Even though it's August, the Fresh Air Fund is STILL looking for some host families to offer more children a summer break. And parents can still sign up their kids too. If not for some health concerns weaving through my family this year (oh yes, yet ANOTHER future post to come) I'd consider it.

But then again, a summer break in a NYC high-rise? On second thought, they're likely to find a better sponsor than me. How about all of you?

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get rid of belly fat said...

I hear ya on needing to get to California for "fresh air" lol. I grew up in sunny California and at the bold age of 21 I picked up and moved to rainy Washington State (still not sure why, think it was because I was the 21 year old know it all. lol). I vowed to never return to California that was until I had my son. I even had him the Washington way, you know at home with a midwife. Yep I had my son at home in a tub of water in the middle of my bedroom. Turned out to be awesome to do tho. Anyway once I had my son I couldn't raise him in a state that is so full of clouds, cold, and rain so when he was six months old we packed up and headed back to sunny California. Best move I ever made as my son is very much the outdoors swimming pool kind of kid. I hope you enjoyed your visit.