Friday, August 28, 2009

Alpha needs a man-friend

While I've been revelling in the sociable aspects of expat life and hanging out with my new girl posse, Alpha just isn't that bothered. He claims that he's made friends at work and doesn't want to go hang out in bars with a bunch of guys. He says he's at his happiest vegging out in front of the telly with me.

The perfect husband, right? Yeah, except then I watched the latest Paul Rudd movie I Love You Man and started to worry...

I'm sure most wives would give their eyeteeth for a homebody husband rather than some good-time guy who has to be forcibly dragged home from their favorite bar/ strip-joint/ pool hall - but I also worry that Alpha needs some man-friends over here in Dubai. Doesn't everyone need friends? There has to be a balance.

If I'm to be entirely honest, there is also the fact that I need to regain authority over the telly remote control so I can watch my Ugly Betty series box set without a backdrop of manly bitching. Plus there's the twice-monthly champagne-fuelled excursions with the rest of the Jumeriah Slags (as Alpha has sweetly named my new chums and I) - Alpha going out now and then for a beer would help me regain my moral high ground.

In short, Alpha needs some man-friends and I've decided that if he's not willing to get his ass into gear and find himself some, then I'm just going to have to do it for him.

Never one to waste time, I've set Alpha up on a man date tomorrow; he's all set to play golf with the husband of a friend of mine. Both men can hardly believe their good fortune - a Saturday afternoon off from daddy-duties with the full blessing of their wives... if only they knew of our secret agenda... if only they knew...

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Anonymous said...

What a wise wife you are! Alpha doesn't know how lucky he is. Just don't tell him! Happy girl outings!