Friday, July 24, 2009

Unwelcome guests

I've been properly inducted into the ways of the countryside.

Last night I was happily vegging out in front of the telly, working through a bottle of wine and chuckling away as I watched Strictly Ballroom with Mother-in-Law, when we heard an odd rustling noise in the corner of the room. We turned to look and were faced with the sight of a rather large black snake winding its way through the open French windows into the sitting room.

We both screamed "agggghhhh! Snake!", leapt up and danced about on the spot in ineffectual panic. After more screaming and jigging about Motherr-in-Law ran off to get the broom which I then jabbed at the intruder for a while until it got the hint and left, slithering off rapidly in the direction of the vegetable garden. I didn't get much sleep after that, as I'm sure you can imagine.

Maybe I'm a city girl after all.


Anonymous said...

Yep! Snakes do live in the countryside, plus other slithery, slimey things. And that is why God created the male species - to protect the women folk from such horrors, and get rid of dead things, like rats and wombats. So much for Women's Liberation if we scream "agggghhhh" and brandish broomsticks ineffectually when The Testosterones are away. Come on girls! Where is your Prairie Spirit?

YLM said...

In my favour I proved to be a dab hand with the broom (after shrieking, admittedly)- that snake zoomed off without even a hiss in my direction, so effective was my brandishing.

May I also add that Women's Lib wasn't/ shouldn't be/ isn't about turning us into stoical men -although I know quite a few blokes who are terrified of mice, spiders and heights, and can shriek like a good'un when confronted by the object of fear - it was about being treated as equals to men. A bit of a shriek when frightened is non-gender specific, so I stand by my reaction!

Mind you, I haven't come across a wombat yet. Maybe that would prove the test of me. x

Hampers said...

I completely understand your feeling to have unwelcome guest. Thanks for sharing your feeling.