Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Mompreneur? Mumpreneur?

Anyone out there using this phrase?

Truly not trying to step on toes here, but I'm not feeling the love with this coinage. Can't help but think of manure every time I hear it, and also hating the idea that this is a trend.

Moms more than anyone get that we are always entrepreneur-ing - - every time we literally start a new baby & me class, figure out a new situation to get some work crammed into a truncated day, or get "Laid Off" after our leaving the office at 5 pm to see a new child doesn't sit well with the powers that be — and yet refashion ourselves anyway.

We've been doing the "mompreneur" thing for decades. So why now do we need our own class of entreprenuer-ship? Why place ourselves in the "special" area along with female CEOs and single women who buy their own homes?

My opinion? We're just entrepreneurs. Phenomenal ones. Who happen to have a focus group that work for fruit snacks.


Shelly said...

I agree with you 200%! I'm self-employed and don't consider myself any different than anyone else who goes into business for him or herself. I'm just a dedicated, driven, determined person who's sick and tired of being in a J.O.B. that doesn't reward me based on my personal skills and performance.

Manhattan Mama said...

Thank you Shelly!!! Anyone else?

Anonymous said...

Working Moms. They have been around for ever, whether for necessity or choice. Mompreneur - ugly word and mildly disparaging. Bin it!

Lea said...

Lauren, you make a great point. Somehow it seems belittling to create the female form of a title... and like you say, for doing something that isn't even new. Do you think sometimes these terms are created for ease of reference? But why do we feel the need to make reference to a person's gender -- unless, of course, you're identifying a new trend. People do grab onto these terms, though... maybe it's for a sense of belonging to a community?

Hmmm. Great food for thought. Thanks!

Teresa said...

I say, what's the harm in coining yourself a mompreneur, mommypreneur, fitpreneur, or entrepreneur? I believe there is a dynamic in "mompreneurs" that doesn't necessarily fit in any other entrepreneurial title. Women, moms, have more obstacles today than ever before...if they (myself included) want to call themselves mom or mommypreneurs, let them...us women entrepreneurs need to stick together and support each other in our efforts.