Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Facebook Conundrum

So I finally broke down and threw myself on to Facebook. With my usual follow-through this means I have a smattering of friends. I mean really, it's almost impossible to keep up with every digital demand in the world - right? How do we write a blog, do work that pays the bills, be a semi-fluent mama and then twitter around as well?

We don't.

But more to the point, I do not understand how you manage your online life, especially for the people who seem to have 359 Facebook friends. Do they invite them all to their house for the annual holiday party? What about some who are work friends and some who are friends through the mama-world? Does your editor want to know that your Rabbit has 104 degree fever? Does your friend want to know about the latest tech gizmo you may be writing about?

Guessing transparency means no more privacy, no more mystery, no more solitude. I'm wondering when the backlash will begin.


sweetpeabart said...

My facebook friend explosion happened because everybody from high school is on there now (I graduated 13 years ago). It's really like a big high school reunion, as good or bad as that may be.

The longer you're on facebook, the more you'll see that it really is like a 6 degrees of separation thing...and it can become addictive....the rush you feel from seeing someone's picture who you haven't seen in 10 years or more. wow! ;-)

Anonymous said...

Facebook can be a very good networking medium. Unfortunately, there are many very sad and lonely people out there who are desperate for public 'friends' and the need to be seen to be popular. Psychologists must be having a field day!

linda said...

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