Monday, October 27, 2008

One Less Cocktail Party Perhaps

I am not the best networker on the block. Probably because my idea of a perfect day involves sitting in the house reading or writing, or spending time with The Rabbit and The Prince. (yes, permission to gag here...)

But, realizing that the entire world is linkedin with all their twittering friends on facebook, I have decided it's time to connect virtually, at least, in hopes this may save me from at least one cocktail party where I have to stand around and answer the dreaded networking question:

"So. What are you working on now?"

(sewing a fairy costume, planning a child's Halloween party, contemplating a birthday drinks night, finding out teasers for True Blood, not filing pages to my screenwriting coach, baking apple muffins, making calls for an assignment about the dreaded R word..shh..recession..., punting on a manicure,)

So this morning, I have spent 3 - T*H*R*E*E - hours sending tweets, writing on walls, and linking in. Yes, I'm guessing exactly the same thing.....


dulwichmum said...

OHMYGOD! I cannot for the life of me work out this damn tweeting thing. Tell me please, what does it mean?

Manhattan Mama said...

Tweeting is basically a mini-blogging tool. You write what is a text message --= and send it out into the world, or to the people who follow you on Twitter. It's insane. That's what it is.