Saturday, September 27, 2008

Ooo Baby Baby

It sounded oddly familiar, the song she was singing this morning while eating her eggs. I'm listening...."I played with your lost in the game...Ooo baby baby..."

And then it smacked me across the face like a fettering diaper.

I demanded to know: "Where did you hear that???"

I found out she and her friend Tadpole went to the Barbie Web site, and heard it there. Many times. Enough to memorize it. So they can also, it seems, sing it at lunch.

So glad that within the fairly carefully culled confines of our lives, my 5-year-old daughter found the worm hole to Britney Spears.


sarah said...

I love that you label this "leaking brains".

I think my parents probably shuddered the same shudder when I wandered through the house singing, "Like a Virgin"....

trollop-y pop-stars are always scary.

Ruthibelle said...

LOL@sarah... every father's nightmare.

*sigh* the evils of living in a technological age.

*bigger sigh* the realisation that your babies wont be babies forever, cept in your mind... *SIGH*