Thursday, September 18, 2008

Credit crunch is biting me

Buggeration. Our estate agent, a creature I'm not particularly fond of at the best of times (he has the arrogance of youth without the brain cells to complement it), has just called to announce we have to reduce our apartment by at least £100k if we're to have any hope of selling. It's hard to believe that the market has fallen by that much since we first put it on the market a mere four weeks ago, but there you go.

Looks like my dream of upgrading to the properly grown-up house in Shepherd's Bush that I've been hankering after, and installing Sven the 18 year-old Swedish au pair in the airy attic room, is fading before my very eyes...

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Anonymous said...

Estate agents are desperate for their commissions at this time. Therefore they are bullying clients to sell below value. DON'T!!! The housing market in London will stall but pick up. As for Sven - put him down - he is too much trouble. 18 - pleeeese - acne and issues. Nooo!