Friday, August 01, 2008

I Hate Crocs - Part Three

As you'll recall, we've taken hits on the dreaded Croc here and here.
Then, the company's stock took a serious hit.

And now, finally, national vindication.

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CDJ said...

These are the only shoes my sister in law's children wear. And they're covered with those ridiculous little whatchamacallits... which have choking hazard for her 7 month old written all over them if you ask me. Adults who wear them? Do they have an idea how ridiculous they look? Yes, even you, Mario Batalli! And to top it off, last week I saw a pair of lined crocs, like for winter or something. Who decided it was a good idea to comgine two of the worst foot trends in recent history -- crocs and uggz?

p.s. I love the game that guy plays with his kid. I would totally do that with my son!