Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Back in Blighty

So, we're back after a gruelling six-hour drive yesterday from France to London, livened up by Alpha's effing and blinding, plus a few memorable incidences of him displaying his "naughty finger" (as Firstborn calls it) at passing motorists.

Why is it that human beings of the male gender are incapable of driving for longer than 20 minutes without having a tantrum and abusing the drivers of other cars? Quite exhausting. The exploits in the back seat undertaken by Firstborn and the Small(er) One paled in comparison.


Anonymous said...

Low Boredom Threshold. Poor thing!
Also, Male Aggression Display. Ditto.

Get yourself a nice sports car and drive yourself. Whoops, forgot about the children. Turning into a male obviously.

Anonymous said...

You exaggerate in extremis.