Wednesday, July 23, 2008

10 Reasons Why I'm About to Give Up On Twitter

Here are the reasons why I'm not loving Twitter:

1. Yummy London Mummy and I both can't post both of our Twitter feeds on our blog. Either YLM or I can post to the blog. But not both of us.

2. After an hour of tweaking around to try and set up a dual post, I finally gave up, and decided we would post TWO Twitter widgets to the site - which, FYI looked terrible.

3. What happens? My tweets cannibalized YLM's widget. My widget? Empty. Killed my widget. Which freakily restored YLM tweets from the ether.

4. Emailed Twitter for help -- no phone FYI on its site -- FIVE days ago. And still not one peep from these people.

5. Confused why Twitter itself can't TWITTER me an answer.

6. Realize that if I had more HTML proficiency, I might actually be able to set this up properly. Reminding me how lame it is that I am not more HTML proficient.

7. Ever since I signed up with my mobile number (so I could post, well, when mobile) I've been getting some spam. On my cell phone. Can you imagine anything MORE ANNOYING???? I, personally, cannot.

8. Can't figure out if anyone is actually reading our Tweets. (Anyone?)

9. Concerned it's yet another technology sucking our souls on to the Net. (Somewhat agree with you, Sugarmama.)

10. Despite all of this, YLM and I would still be open to dual posts. (We'll always read each other!) If Twitter would respond. In like, the next 2 hours. If not? Well, then, Twit off.

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sarah said...

Husband started talking to me about twitter the other night and my eyes just glazed over. I don't get it.