Friday, May 16, 2008


My mother used to say that once she had me, the red swollen bumps on her face disappeared.

While not an impetus to my getting pregnant, I did look forward to a pimple-free life as an extra perk that would come along with The Rabbit.

So why — more than 5 years later — do I still get break-outs? And not little nubby things. Nope. We're talking about the ones where even my daughter stares worryingly before belting out, "Oh Mama! Does that hurt?!?!?" (Oh honey, just you wait.)

So here's the thing. Either my mother's a liar (no comment) or else I'm the exception to the rule. Because Mama is trying to imagine how this plays out in say 10 years when we're both warring over the benzoyl peroxide for relief.

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Sugarmama said...

I was just remembering yesterday that my mother used to tell me I'd be prettier than her someday (because my own daughter came home talking about how pretty and well-dressed a friend's mom is). I'm SO not. My mom was an unbelievable hottie even when she was my age now. But oh well. There are still advantages to being us just as we are, I'm sure of it!