Saturday, March 15, 2008

Virginia Wolf said, "A woman must have a room of her own and money if she is to write fiction." What she forgot to add was that a woman must also have time.

Herein lies the quandary. I have a room of my own and I have money, but to gain more time I will have to forfeit the filthy lucre.

Is it possible to write anything, fiction or otherwise, without money? And without even the promise of money - there's the rub.

I really wish life came with a guarantee.


Anonymous said...

Virginia Wolf was rich, mad and over-rated as a writer - her doting husband published her work. Your quote, however, is spot-on. But, you know what they say about poverty and garret-living - it gets the creative juices running (if you don't perish from starvation and the cold first). Conclusion - yes, it is possible to write without money (well you do need to eat and have shelter) - look at JKR.

YLM said...

Maybe I should have said... is it possible to write without making huge sacrifices? In other words, how can I have a great big slice of delicious looking cake and eat it too (plus lick the plate)?