Monday, March 31, 2008

Kung Pao Chicken

Recently (read: the last 5 years) I've been the main chef in our little household. My idea of dinner before I met The Prince was frozen ravioli, decorated with a dusting of parmesan cheese consumed over the sink. (I still think this counts as dinner. And a milk side? A carton of coffee non-fat frozen yogurt. Mmmm.)

But The Prince (likely reacting to other stress in his life) has been actively interested in cooking again.

Now, The Prince is not what I would call a gourmet chef. His specialties basically are chili, chili and chili. (REALLY good chili though.) I can cook about 5-6 things very well, and tend to supplement those with a lot of chicken breasts broiled until just this side of rubber. I do however bake very well -- extremely well -- and given how prone I am to complimenting myself (read: never.) I'm telling you, I'm pretty wicked with the butter, chocolate, sugar and flour. (and lemon, eggs..come over one day and I'll whip up some cardamom madeline's that will knock you numb.)

Tonight The Prince broke open the Time-Life cooking book that offers recipes in both lasagna and pork buns with scallion sauce. At about 10 am he announced he was making King Pao Chicken and made himself a shopping list. At Whole Foods he tossed into the cart some sesame oil, ginger, unsalted peanuts, organic chicken. (I tossed in some pork chops -- insurance items....)

At 6 pm he had three burners going and I took The Rabbit out for a visit with friends, and to pick up some ice cream bars for dessert. 45 minutes later I walked home to this:

My own naked chef....

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YLM said...

euww. I have to say MM that I am not coming over for dinner any time soon....

(But don't tell the Prince I said that).

I'm up for the madeleines though!