Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Frienemies at Five

The Rabbit is frienemies with a little girl in her kindergarten class, Tadpole. How do I know? They are mad at each other. And they love each other.

This will manifest itself in notes where Tadpole will tell The Rabbit how much she loves her. And The Rabbit will roll her eyes and exclaim that Tadpole wants to play with her too much. And then I go to pick her up from school and she and Tadpole are giggling and holding hands and chasing each other on the playground.

And then. Last night The Rabbit found a note in her bag from Tadpole saying that she thinks she likes another girl more than The Rabbit. Needless to say feelings were hurt causing a return note to be written.

When The Prince came home he decided to put an end to this cold war and called Tadpole's mother to let her know about the nature of the original note. And what do we find? The Rabbit, as it turns out, is a prolific little note writer herself including penning one that implied she never wanted to play with Tadpole again.

Breakfast this morning had us chatting about this. The Rabbit denied all knowledge of her note (my little CIA operative in training.) And had the most perfect excuse:

"Tadpole must have gotten it from another girl who looks like me and has the same name as me."

Looking forward to the excuses she'll spin one day when I find my clothes "borrowed," missing or destroyed.

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