Thursday, March 27, 2008

Field Trips

A confession: I love field trips. Love them almost as much as I did when I was in elementary school and field trips meant no gym, no lunch on the playground, no tests. Just me, a brown bag lunch, freedom from pencils and erasers, and a chance to snooze on the bus after a day outside.

That's how I feel about them still — LOVE them. Only now I get to do them with The Rabbit.

Because of the freelance nature of my work I'm usually able to go on almost everyone she has. (Which I think makes me look like a neurotic mama, and yes there's some of that...) But usually that also means "pretending" to be in a crowded airport returning work calls that I've forwarded to my cell. So far, it works.

Today was the zoo. Too cold for the gorillas, but not for us. There were wild dogs, treats from the cafeteria, racing past the zebras and chasing each other along the paths, a tram ride.... Some gum and cookies on the bus, and gossiping with friends.

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