Thursday, March 06, 2008


Reasons why I went AWOL for the last few days (in no particular order):

1. Got gobsmacked by a vicious intestinal illness that left me incapacitated, on the couch, watching Mame, and downing gallons of Gatorade.
2. Had to find chemical cleaner that would remove ink from the toilet after a failed attempt by The Rabbit to clean a balloon she'd written on with washable marker. (Yeah, right.)
3. Finished back to back deadlines on stories that I think are pretty d--m good must say.
4. Planted paper white bulbs in any container I could find turning our apartment into a mud zone.
5. Had to venture into Times Square on a weekend and turned (briefly) into one of those tourist-hating Gothamites.
6. Taught a newspaper writing class to The Rabbit's class. (Which meant teaching the difference between facts and stories about fairies!)
7. Cooked a complete Indian feast for some friends that taught me Indian food is best left to Indian restaurants.
8. Made the BEST apple pie ever made in the history of the world. (Try me.)
9. Tried out a new babysitter who cost more than the BILL FOR DINNER for The Prince and me. (But she rocks. Sigh.)
10. Tried to find something that would clean the washable marker from The Rabbit's actual skin. (not happening. She looks mottled.)
11. Spent 20 minutes looking for hair clips at Rite Aid, and finding them in 30 seconds at CVS.
12. Broke The Rabbit's piggy bank stealing coins while she slept to finish a roll of quarters.

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