Monday, December 17, 2007

"You Look Tired."

Just a question:

Does anyone out there appreciate this? Do we not already KNOW THIS ALREADY?

In other words, do we need to know that we look like a HAG with circles under our eyes, and our face slopping downward trying to meet our neck?

Same for this response: "You LOOK tired." said after you explain to someone why you're spacing out, "Sorry. I'm tired."

Here are proper ways to speak of someone who looks a bit sleep-deprived, or has commented as such:

1. "You look fabulous! So calm!"

2. "Hey -- just about to jaunt off to the cafe. Can I grab you a cappuccino on me?"

3. "Baby, go and take a nap. I'll watch the Rabbit(s)."

4. (Only if you're the boss) "Not a problem. I actually forgot to tell you, Friday's a day off this week, and I booked massages at Elizabeth Arden for you. Enjoy!"

5. "Really? You've been so great today. Wish I could be a bright as you on little sleep. Tell me your secret!"

6. "Sweetheart, of course. You do so much for us. I'm going to make dinner/clean/play with The Rabbit. Go put on 'Miracle on 34th Street' and have a glass of pinot."

7. "Seriously know what you mean. Although you'd never tell considering how great your skin looks."

8. (from a colleague) "Shh. Go lock the door on my office. I'll tell everyone I'm in conference with the Left Coast and go out for a long lunch. There's a month of US Weekly in there."

9. Sends flowers. Secretly.

10. "Hey, you look good to me Mama."

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