Friday, December 21, 2007

Seasonal whirl

Off to California in the morning to spend Christmas with my American family, Alpha and the girls in tow. All very excited, but sad too as we were so looking forward to Christmas with my grandmother and now she won't be with us - or not in body anyway.

Sorry for not having posted for a while but Granny's death and funeral took some digesting. On top of that I have been reorganising the apartment in the aftermath of the new kitchen build (a kitchen bigger than a cupboard, amazing!), dealing with the fact that Alpha's new job is seriously full-on (I got used to the whole sharing of school responsibilities but that is now sadly a thing of the past), then a whole series of crazy work deadlines and pesky panicking clients.

But anyway, who cares - all that is so almost last year as from tomorrow I am free, free, free for a whole ten days and virtually incommunicado as I'm leaving the CrackBerry at home. Thrilled is too downbeat a word to describe my soaring elation.

Merry Christmas and a happy New Year to you all. My next post will be from California....


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