Saturday, December 01, 2007

A moment of joy

Finally, after two years of saving and scraping, going through planning permission, negotiating with the leaseholder, getting quotes from numerous builders and many trips to Ikea, our kitchen extension is nearly finished.

As I type the sitting room is full of boxes - the rest of the flat-packed kitchen units, assorted lighting and a range of strange objects that will no doubt prove essential - with a fine layer of dust on every surface and piles of stuff everywhere. Alpha (who, in my unlearned opinion, is borderline OCD) is tearing his hair out and even I am getting a little twitchy. The kids love it though; chaos is integral to their state of being.

I would very much like to post a 'before' picture of the gloomy, pigeon-poo splattered side return with an 'after' shot of my 85% completed new kitchen with glass roof and electronic windows (the excitement!), soft-close doors (the joy!), pull out larder (I can barely contain myself!) and laundry area (be still my beating heart!) but I can't find the lead for my camera; a state of affairs that currently seems to apply to every object I own. The disorder in the sitting room is understandable but I'm still baffled as to why the building work has made my entire sock collection disappear.

The appliances go in on Monday and then the count-down to completion can start in earnest. I can hardly wait. Dusting has never seemed so appealing.


Corey said...

Congrats! Keep looking for the camera part... I'd love to see some photos!

sarah said...

There is nothing nicer than a new kitchen! We just finished ours in October and sometimes I just go sit on the floor in there and smile.

There are before (oh, the horror!) and afters (joy!) in my blog. It's still tiny, but so pretty.