Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Countdown: 14 Days

I thought I would get to avoid the horror that is known as the Disney Store this year.

Please, I love Disneyland as much as the next kid who grew up going twice a year in Los Angeles. And I love taking my Rabbit. Although note to Disney people: what is UP with the lack of characters running around and forcing us to stand in LINES to meet the Princesses, Mickey Mouse and Pooh? The magic used to be that these guys just WANDERED around their land. This was, uh, Disneyland. Where magical characters roamed free. Not dive bombed in like Johnny Depp signing autographs for 5 minutes at Burger King. But I digress.

So I thought I was going to avoid the whole Disney Store crud this year. Where you pretend you're at an amusement park but really the only amusement are the store clerks smirking that you're paying $3.50 a bead for a kid to make a bracelet they'll drop on Fifth Avenue about 3 minutes after you leave.

But no. The Rabbit's class has a Secret Santa thing this year (which as a sucker for all things winter, I love) and the girl she picked, The Rabbit told me, loves Fairies. Note the capital "F." Because these of course would be the Disney Fairies.

So I trekked my self over to the Disney store. And braved the kid picking his nose near the pin selection, (and what is up with the PINS?!?) and the French speaking family laughing at the Cinderella display (then why did you come in? Did you mistake this for Hermes? Because I think the horrifyingly large plastic Goofy by the front door might have tipped you off..) and left with just shy of $50 worth of Disney crud.

I brought the Fairies home. (And a couple of plastic princess dolls for the top of her birthday cake. Yes, I'm a sucker.) The Rabbit took one look and pronounced them perfect. And that she wanted Santa to bring them to her for Christmas too.

Guess this may be a call for Santa PAPA, because Mama ain't playing that again.

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