Saturday, November 10, 2007

Blew It


Just one night in and I already blew it. We had a few people over tonight for my birthday, and I got the loveliest gifts: a gorgeous necklace, fabulous book (Daring Book for Girls), some lovely creams called (get ready: Grace) and a set of butterfly notecards. If there were ever some messages of kindness those were them.

And I was a stress ball all night.

We leave tomorrow morning at 7 am for a 5 hour car/plane/car trip for The Prince's grandmother's funeral. And return the next day.

I got edits at 5:30 pm tonight.

And I got angry at The Prince for coming home after people arrived. After I packed up The Rabbit and myself.

And I feel guilty -- all I was hoping for was a few people over for cake. I always feel strange about gifts. And then I always worry I am not appreciative enough.

I squeezed in one act of kindness: I volunteered to send an e-mail out for The Rabbit's class for the teacher as she wasn't feeling well. Someone else got the e-mail out before I did -- and the credit for the idea. But there you go. Does it count even if I feel pissed that I did the work and someone else got the cred? Probably not. But hey I'm trying.

So I'm about to pack snacks for our 14 hour trip tomorrow and Sunday. And then eat another 6000 calorie slice of cake. Because at least that's an act of kindness to me.

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