Saturday, October 13, 2007

The Rabbit at 17

Tonight we had dinner with friends in our building -- they have boys that are close enough in age to The Rabbit that she considers them surrogate brothers.

It was more than an hour past bedtime, and time to leave, and The Rabbit announced that she wanted to stay over. All night. Without her beloved stuffed dog. Without me.

I tried every manipulation this poor mama could muster.

"You won't have your doggy."
"That's okay mama."
"You won't be able to call me in the middle of the night to pee."
"That's okay."
"I won't be there."
"Mama. I can handle it."

My heart broke.

We left her, with two quick kisses, and watched the elevator door close on her bright pink, perfect face.

And then we went home. And five minutes later got a call. She had changed her mind.

It felt like Christmas to see her little body being carried back into our place by The Prince.

I know this day will come when she really is ready to leave me.
But I really need the next 13 years to prepare.

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