Sunday, September 09, 2007

"Why do I have to sleep alone Mama?"

Tonight was a movie, picnic dinner night. The Prince picked up some take out tidbits from Whole Foods (scary how much I love this place), and the three of us settled in to watch "The Last Mimzy."

Yes, I know it's a little scary. Yes, I know it's based on a short story that's even scarier. But it's also a fairly amazing movie that has The Rabbit asking about genes, DNA and triangles.

Until...night time comes. Bath time goes well. Book time? Lovely. We sing, we snuggle, we turn out the lights...and the shadows appeared. After the third request for "one last snuggle," I finally pry from The Rabbit that she just doesn't want to sleep in her room. Doesn't understand why she has to sleep alone when daddy and mommy get to sleep together.

She's too young to understand that sheer joy of sleeping alone in a room, solo in a bed, able to twist and turn to your delight. Nor does she have any siblings to understand the sheer joy of knowing when you leave your baby doll in her crib IT WILL BE THERE when you get back and not be bald, with paint on its eyeballs, under the sink in the bathroom. But I digress.

So I look at my warm bunny, snuggle her up, and deposit her in our bed. Where she is now sleeping, mouth open, twisted sideways across every pillow she could find...drooling. I told her before I tucked her in, that I would move her and she would wake up in her own bed. Now I'm thinking maybe The Prince and I will tuck into her bed.....and leave Queen dampness to her royal slumber.


Margaret said...

Hehehe, I know this scenario all a little too well. Except with a strange little twist, our four year old thinks she needs to be awake or not in her bed in order to protect "us." Scary, I'm afraid she's going to grow up to be a lawyer.

zingtrial said...

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