Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Toys to Make You Stupid

Can someone explain to me how we are supposed to ever purchase toys for our children again that aren't handmade by the Amish in Ohio? (Note: a friend recently purchased some of those tin stars all over barns in Ohio....and found small "Made in China" stickers all over them...)

With the recent recall again today from Mattel about excessive lead levels in paint, I have hit my limit. Already we've purged Thomas the Train, and The Rabbit's beloved Dora. We don't have any Barbie (yet, I'm sure) but with art kits from Toys 'R' Us recently added to the list, I have no clue what could be a potential poison pitfall lurking in her bedroom.

We were recently sent replacement trains from RC2, which manufactures Thomas....but I stared at the bright red paint, now seemingly (allegedly) fine, and thought, "Sorry. Just can't trust your word anymore over my daughter's safety." And out they went. Again.

I am one Mama, who has already announced to The Rabbit's aunts, grandparents and cousins that any toy delivered by "Santa" or on his behalf this year that have been manufactured in China will be gratefully received, thank you note delivered, and then head on a one way course for the trash bin. And I am sure I am not the only parent who feels this way either. This is not a hit on a country -- this is just a Mama who knows no other way to protect her child.

So, listening up Fisher Price? Paying attention American Girl? You will be.

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Sweetpeabart said...

What I'm wondering is--don't the kids have to ingest the paint? And if you have a child who is no longer teething/putting toys in her mouth, is the threat THAT imminent?

Don't get me wrong, I am a concerned parent who has read the recall lists, but the thought crosses my mind.....